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Home Buyers Guide
  • Decide how much you can spend and check your credit reports to see where you stand. Your credit report affects a lender’s willingness to give you a loan, and if there’s a mistake that negatively impacts you, you can try to correct it.

  • Look for a mortgage lender and Look for the best rates and terms and a good-faith estimate of closing costs.

  • Consider getting preapproved for a loan. Remember to round up documents you will need to get pre-approval.  You won’t waste time looking at houses you can’t afford. Plus, a preapproval letter will demonstrate your viability as a buyer (a good edge, when you bid on a house, if there are multiple offers), and you’ll save time once a bid is accepted.

  • Assess your needs in a home and find your real estate agent, who can do a lot of the legwork for you.

  • Research potential neighborhoods along with your agent.

  • When you find the right home for you, then you are ready to make an offer!






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